James is one of many children born with severe autism and synaesthesia.  His father, Michael, struggles to take care of him.  When Michael learns that James is accepted into a program, he has to make a difficult decision that will affect both of them dramatically.


(This is another speculative fiction piece.  It's experimental and deals with the concept of one-world-consciousness.  I explore what might happen if a population explosion depleted the pool of available consciousness.

Philip and Tanika are on Earth for a covert mission.  When Philip decides to put faith in his life-long human friend, Demarco, Philip has to hope that Demarco will keep his secret while he attempts to convince Tanika that the secret is still safe.


(This is speculative fiction about what causes people to lie, and what causes others to believe them.)

Toya is haunted by a wondrous childhood memory.  No one believes it, and she has learned to live her life without any validation.  When her father dies, Toya goes back home for the funeral and struggles once again with coming to terms with the experience... and the lack of support from those around her.

The greatest explanation of sci-fi/fantasy that I have ever heard (and I cannot remember exactly where) is that it is an exploration of the human condition with the universe as the backdrop.  There is nothing new or refreshing about love and loss or triumph and defeat.  Sci-fi/Fantasy helps add new and refreshing angles in the exploration of the human condition.


Below are some speculative fiction short stories featuring a woman dealing with mental illness, a passionate trip (tinged with deceit) for two aliens, and a single father having to decide between his selfish desires and the well-being of his son.

Nicole is a bit of a wild-child, and she receives everything that she could possibly want. She learns, soon, how pure love looks.


(This is the first story that I ever sold (recieved about $25 for it, woo-hoo!).  The rights have reverted back to me, so I am hosting this on my site!)

Sometimes the things that you go through when you are young can affect you as an adult. Jordan learns this the hard way when she is trapped in a toxic relationship. 


Makayla's relationship with her mother is strained, but a spur-of-the-moment trip to a yard sale may change that.

While I prefer genre fiction (in my case, science-fiction/fantasy), there were a few instances in which fiction grabbed a hold of me and I had to write the character's story.  Below are some of the ones that were/are published.  Click on the title or picture to read and enjoy!