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I do apologize for any inconvenience.  As you can see by my Current Bookshelf, my TBR list has grown out of control.  Until I am able to read at least half of these books, I will no longer be accepting new requests.  Thank you for understanding.

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What I accept

Books for review from authors, publishers, and publicists.
Self-published Indie Books.

eBook versions (Kindle, .MOBI, .PDF)

Mention in the post if I’ve received the book as a review copy.
Post honest reviews – if I hate it, I will say so, but I’ll also explain why.
Review books I couldn’t finish, explaining why I couldn’t finish them.
Use cover images – so permission to use yours is appreciated.
Post reviews on retailer sites (e.g. Amazon) if requested (if you don’t request it, it may still end up there, but that’s at my whim).

What I DO NOT accept

Every book sent in with a request — I am only one person, after all
Monetary compensation — My opinions will always be honest
Bullying or hate-mail — If you can't handle an honest review, please do not request an honest review

What I like

Fascinating characters and a unique/interesting story-line. 

I am only interested in Science-Fiction/Fantasy.   Characters should be larger than life, and the plot should flow.  For me, stories don't have to start with action.  I enjoy getting to know characters more than fast paced action all the time.

Experimental pieces will be considered on a case by case basis.  I love this genre, but if it's not done well, it can be very unpleasant.  Please understand that if you submit a request for an experimental novel and I reject it, that does not mean I find it horrible.  I am still just one person and my time is limited.

What I don't like


Historical Fiction
Technical Books

How-to's (and anything else considered self-help)


Pure Romance novels

How to request a review

PLEASE NOTE: The subject line should be   Book Review Request - *title of novel*

This will assist me in organization and will also ensure that the email is not discarded as spam.

If you think your book is something I’d be interested in, email kc [at] kcgray [dot] com with:


Pub Date
Additional Info (that you feel is pertinent)

DO NOT send me attachments – review requests with attachments will be deleted unopened.

If you haven't received a response from me in a month's time, then I have decided to pass.  I will no longer respond to every request, and I will no longer email the author/requester once my review has been published.  If you would like to keep track and see if I've read and reviewed you novel, please subscribe to my blog at

Legal Agreement

Current as of 07/01/2015.

By requesting a review from K.C. Gray, you acknowledge:

  • you have read these policies

  • K.C. retains the right to refuse your book for any reason

  • you can handle an honest review, even if it is negative

  • you will not attempt to influence the review through any means

  • K.C. retains the right to not finish reading a book due to quality/readability

  • you do not have the right to prevent a review from publication or remove a review from this site

  • K.C. retains full, permanent, royalty-free rights to the review, and any modification or distribution is completely at her discretion

  • you have the right to share and distribute the review (including the whole review and quotes from the review) provided you have not modified it and you include a link back to the original post (if online) or include the attribution “review by K.C. Gray,” (if in print)

By accepting your book for review, K.C.agrees:

  • she will write a fair* and honest review

  • she will not charge any amount of money for her review

  • her review will be posted on this blog, Amazon, and Goodreads

  • her review will be posted within three months of receipt of the novel

  • you have the right to share and distribute the unmodified review (including the whole review and quotes from it), assuming you include a link to the original post (if online) or include the attribution “review by K.C. Gray,” (if in print)

*Defined as “presenting the elements of the story and the book as a whole, and in negative reviews not excluding redeeming elements.”

If I do not accept your novel to review, you can find a ton of other reviewers at