Bardic Kitty

Bardic Kitty's love of the arts started young and she has been drawing for as long as she can remember.  She is a mish-mash of self taught and schooling with a BA in Art Studio (focus in drawing) and a love of all things fantasy, anime, manga and tabletop gaming.  While in college, she was introduced to the art of chainmail.  From there, she has continued to grow and expand in this area-- learning new weaves, experimenting with different findings, and in general just having fun creating new and unique pieces of lovely chainmail jewelry.  One of Kitty's prime objectives is to create things that make people smile and bring a little joy and color into their lives.  For that reason, she is quick to offer custom pieces as well as anime style art commissions.

More information about Bardic Kitty can be located here and here.