Dreams have always been a catalyst for my stories. The mind has a way of creating unbelievable images while the body is asleep. My dreams have varied from short and sweet, to crazy and unbelievably long (of course, dreams do not last long at all, but it sometimes seems that way to me). In either case, inspiration abounds for stories.

With The Outcasts, an entire trilogy was born from a dream in which I ran through the woods, was suddenly stopped and kissed by a boy.  Afterwards I took flight (flying dreams are by far my favorite). From an experience so short, a story spanning a character's lifetime was born.

The inspiration for Dimensional was just as short, but it has become a project that means so much to me that I go without a few necessities just to ensure it is able to be shared with anyone interested. I dreamed of a princess whose body shook so fast that she was doubled. She never disappeared, as Kimani often does, but it was more of a double-vision. There was no rhyme or reason to it, just an image that struck me so deeply that I had to find a way to tell the story.

The last story I will discuss started off as a novel, but because I wrote it at such a young age I could not beat it into a cohesive and interesting story. Instead, I fashioned Fire Park from it. If you remember Rocko's Modern Life, thank you for not making me feel so old. I dreamed that Rocko took a trip around the sun. After flying around it a few times, he landed on the moon with all of his friends. From this image was born an alien who just wanted to fit in. The novel starts with Phillip as a young boy with his family living on Earth. Not long after the story begins, the family is forced to flee Earth and go to a planet in another solar system. When Phillip is an adult, he marries Tanika and they move back to Earth where Tanika is working with NASA and gathering information for their people. With Fire Park, I focus on one aspect of their relationship to help play with the idea of lying, liars, and those who believe them. Phillip is putting all of his hope in Demarco keeping his secrety, but in doing so, Philip betrays Tanika's trust. Tanika knows the truth (which is why she keeps asking), but she wants to believe Philip, so she ignores what is so very clear to her.

Dreams have often been a catalyst for phenomenol discoveries, wondrous ideas, and amazing personal changes. I hope to continue to dream and create more amazing stories/novels that will interest my audience.


Words can lift up or tear down, soothe or agitate, unite or sever.... there is nothing more dangerous or beautiful on this earth.