Billy Carter is troubled in ways that he can't explain. His life was changed drastically shortly after his mother's death. While he can't control much in his life, he knows that Sophia can make it just a little more bearable — whether she fully understands it or not.

Quatrez is a cool and collected guy, but his interest in Sophia is piqued once they touch.

​Dysis is a little quirky, but a good friend.  She'd prefer Sophia to be with Quatrez, but Billy has other plans.

When Sophia Goodman meets Billy Carter and touches his hand, her very essence hums with pleasure.  Billy is strange and is definitely hiding something, but Sophia is so addicted to his touch she ignores too much. And by the time she realizes Billy isn't as he seems, her life changes in ways she could never anticipate.

Victoria and John are so wrapped up in their own lives and troubles that they don't realize how close they are to losing Sophia... for good.

Pictures drawn by jmBright.  Check out his Portfolio!

The Parents


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The Friends